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Your Partner For Success In A Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits require a specific set of skills and often involve a large legal team. Most importantly, they require trial-tested courtroom abilities and knowledge of the rules. Whether you are pursuing or defending a class action lawsuit, you need legal counsel who can conduct research and discovery, write briefs, argue motions before a judge, present a case to a jury and possibly even bring an appeal.

Attorney Gary M. Yarborough Jr. has performed all of these roles as a renowned civil litigator. Whether in Mississippi or around the country, he knows what it takes to build a successful class action case and win. He regularly argues cases in both state and federal courts.

Experience With Complex Litigation

Class action lawsuits are complex for many reasons. In addition to balancing the interests of many parties, they often include multiple jurisdictions, extensive discovery and demanding motion hearings. Attorney Yarborough has 15 years of experience handling all aspects of class action and mass tort lawsuits for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Mr. Yarborough is a versatile civil litigator with a track record of successful results. For example, he served as an associate class counsel in an action against the Coca-Cola Company for mislabeling products. He is not afraid to take on large corporations.

Mr. Yarborough also handles complex national litigation cases involving antitrust and trade regulation. He recently served as class counsel for representative plaintiffs from Mississippi in an antitrust action against Keurig, which resulted in class action approval. In addition, Mr. Yarborough has worked on thousands of bad-faith insurance claims. When you need a lawyer who has worked on every aspect of the class action litigation process, talk to Gary Yarborough.

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